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Want an EASY way to save $60 or more a year?

You joined Castparts Credit Union for a very good reason – to save money. So how can paying bills save you money? When you enroll in our FREE Online Bill Pay service.

This service can save you up to $60 a year in postage and paper, not to mention all the time you waste writing and mailing checks. And while the price of postage keeps going up, Castparts Online Bill Pay is free, with unlimited bill payments every month.


Convenient. Secure. Guaranteed. And Free!

Paying bills online has never been easier. With Bill Pay, you can securely pay anyone, anytime, right from your computer. Getting started is easy. To sign up for FREE Bill Pay today all you need is our FREE Online Banking and have a Castparts Credit Union Checking account.

Sign up now, give us a call at (503) 771-2464 or visit any of our branches.

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